A slightly odd, quasi-conference for strange times by Andy Croll

There's no in-person Brighton Ruby this year. But I’m still trying to bring Ruby-ists and the Ruby-interested together.

For the whys and wherefores, read my thoughts on reorganising.

Speaker Questions? Ask here

It’s recorded talks, it’s a physical book, it’s a podcast. Delivered throughout June/July 2020.

It’s a donation to Shelter’s Coronavirus appeal.

On sale now. £29+VAT

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1st June

The speakers from Brighton Ruby 2020, but in a window on your screen. Watchable at your leisure.

A Book
Posted in June

With the help of the fine people at Consonance we’re printing a beautifully typeset physical copy of _why’s poignant guide to ruby.

A page
Another page
Chunky Bacon

From 1st July

After you've watched the videos, drop the speakers some questions. I’ll weave them into an informative chat with the speakers. Which then be downloadable to your ears.

Photos by neil godding & Ryan Quintal

A microphone
Headphone party

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